Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Blog Blues!!!!

SO sorry to the very proud and few readers of this blog...It has been a very depressing and blah blue blah balls winter...A lot is happening here in the world of Labold. It's been a long time since we have done anything clothing related..aside from wearing lots of layers this winter. Don't look forward to any FASHION shows anytime soon either. Our focus is being redirected back to our roots. I(greg) am working on a few illustrated stories with a number of writer artist friends. James has been teaching glass classes at Outcast studios in fishtown philadelphia AND continuing with his plans of world domination. We installed a show at seven stones cafe. I will post picks soon?. The brothers Labold got the band back together and wrote a bunch of love songs for an awesome valentines day bash at the big rock candy mountain in good old kenso. After the crazy friday the 13th party we had i Finally got the screenprinting studio set up again. I just printed a few original one of a kind hoodies for some close friends. Images will be posted soon. Above are some picks from our V-day adventures as LABOLD POWER EXTREME!!!

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